Best Air Hockey Table With LED Lights

If you have been looking to invest in something that will engage your family, and be a fun and rewarding time for years to come then you should look no further than an air hockey table with lights. Some tables also come with the option of coin-operation slots, black light features, LED scoreboards, graphics and sound, all of which enhance player experience to make this already energetic game even more exciting.

Many people have air hockey tables in their home but the full experience with all the bells & whistles and you can purchase an air hockey table with led lights for this purpose.

What table you decide to purchase is your decision and you can find some very in-expensive models with electronic scoreboards and lights. If you want to keep your family busy this season hours of fast paced action, get them the most popular game table – an air hockey table with lights.

Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6′ Air Hockey Table

If you are looking for a air hockey table with lights and illuminating technology then that’s where Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6′ fits in. Included is a Interactive in-rail LED lighting with cascading effects and in-game music.the New - short review

Main Specs:

  • Illuminating technology, Interactive in-rail LED lighting
  • 2 ultra-bright strikers and light-up puck
  • dual motor blowers
  • Size: 72 x 40 x 31 inches
  • Weight: 75 pounds

The Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6′ is a top of the line air hockey table with led lights and is perfect for night time action. Not only this, but for a air hockey table with lights that includes electronic scoring, in game music and dual motor blowers that provide great air awesome air flow this is a bargain.


The biggest bonus of bringing an air hockey table home is that it can be enjoyed by the whole family. Everyone should seriously consider getting an air hockey table with neon lights.

Air hockey tables now come in different sizes. As far as features other than lighting are concerned, some include electronic scoring, table lights and automatic puck return, these are merely optional and will not affect the quality of the table, these features just add to the fun.