American Heritage 390074 Monarch Series Review

Take a look at American Heritage 390074 Monarch Series if you want a top quality air hockey table at a bargain price. This table is produced by the hugely reputable company, American Heritage. They really are well known for their quality products, and the Monarch Series table isn’t different, you’ll never see a better built table than the Monarch Series.
American Heritage Monarch Series
Below we find out what makes the American Heritage 390074 an excellent table, we detail everything from it’s features to the most asked questions. What current owners think and also where to find the best prices…It’s all listed below. Currently This air hockey table is currently discounted through this link at Amazon.

Features of the American Heritage Monarch Series

The Monarch Series has all of the features a table needs to have, some of the important features are:

• Modern-style table with overhead arch
• Powerful blower
• Electronic scoring
• Cherry-finished cabinet with silver trim
• Screen-printed surface

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does this table weigh adn what’s the size?

A: It’s quite a decent size table it weighs approximetely 278 pounds. Dimensions are: 10 x 86 x 50 inches.

Q: Can I play without using the scoreboard?

A: Yes, as there are seperate switches to turn on the scoreboard, and turn on the air.

Q: How hard is this table to setup?

A: The instructions that come with the Monarch table are very easy to follow, with step by step instructions. It’s quite heavy once built so might help having someone to help.

Q: Best place to buy the American Heritage 390074 Monarch Series?

A: You can buy this at some local stores, but buying on line from respected sites like Amazon can find the biggest bargains – I like Amazon, they’re a trustworthy site with impressive prices.

What We Think! Should you buy the 390074 Monarch Series?

I like the Monarch Table, it’s an awesome air hockey table at a great price. But not only that, you’ll find it comes with heaps of great features that others lack and smooth playing. All in all you’ll be impressed with this table and the price is great for a quality brand air hockey table.

Monarch Series Owner Reviews!

People who bought the Monarch Series seemed pleased about their purchase, buyers have praised the quality, cool looks and just an amazing air hockey table.

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